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Problem in Randomized Routine - New blank rows in data output

Hey there, I randomized the order of 2 routines by following the instructions here

Although routines are successfully randomized, .csv data folder repeats the trial 5 times. While the outputs (rt, accuracy etc) for the first routine appears in the first row, the other routine outputs are on the 3rd row. The rest of the 3 repetitions are empty.

Hi There,

If you deselect “isTrials” on the inner loop does that help? That option indicates that each iteration of this loop corresponds to a new trial, and therefore should have a unique row in the data output, if the loop is used for skipping routines rather than working through a spreadsheet you can deselect that option.

Hope this helps,

Hello Becca,

For each trial I have 2 retrieval phase, and phases are in different routines and randomly presented.

So when I check is trials, the first retrieval appears in the first row and the second one in the third row which create problem in analysis.

Even if I uncheck the is trials for block and routine randomizations, the data is still problematic in Pavlovia. It gives 3 rowa for each trial.

Your help is much appreciated,

Hey there,

(Pavlovia) - Although I uncheck all ‘is trials’ (for loops that do not include conditions file), my data include 3 rows for each trial: