Problem displaying images online (but not offline)

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Description of the problem:
I’m trying to run an experiment online that has quite some pictures attached to it. Each picture is shown at random and at random places on the screen. All this information is stored in an Excell file under ‘IMG1’, ‘IMG2’ etc. until ‘IMG20’. When I run my experiment on the Builder, everything works fine. But when I upload it to Pavlovia, I get the following message if I press ‘spacebar’ just after the explanation of the task:

If I don’t press spacebar, the image stays just blank - I don’t even get an error message.
I also have no clue why it says ‘when getting the value of resource: f’ as it should be something like ‘face_expressions_TRAIN\ {name of the file}’ instead… (that’s how IMG1 is defined by the excell file) There is a ‘f’ in the Excell file, but assigned as the Correct Response of this trial - image_1 should not be linked to it. I really don’t understand how this could be happening.
Can anyone help me with this issue? Any help is much appreciated!

I had a similar problem when I first started loading my experiment online and it took me ages to figure out it was a simple mistake in the file path.

What I understand from that error message is:

  • Within your excel file you have a variable which determines which image is shown as ‘image_1’
  • the trial which is faiing to load has ‘f’ under that variable column
  • there is no image called ‘f’ in your resources file

Just to be sure I would start by looking through the column of your variable for image_1 to make sure that the file paths are correct.
Next I would set image_1 to a constant and check that each of the images you are asking it to use works


Hi Elle,
Thanks for your reply! The only thing is (and I’m really trying to understand why this is) that the paths of image_1 (which is defined by the column IMG1 and has the paths of the type ‘face_expression_training/{name of the image}’ are all fine; there is no ‘f’ in it. ‘f’ belongs to the CorResp column for which in some odd way it is being mixed with apparently - while this is not the case when I am using the Builder…

That is so strange!
Another thing I had to check was the file types of my images (I had them as .PNG in my excel file but they should have been .png)

Maybe you could change the ‘f’ of the CorResp to a different letter just to see if the f in the error is coming from that colum somehow getting mixed with your image column or whether the f error is something else all togther?

Sorry Im not being much help!

I’ll try that and see whether I see the same problem with another key! But indeed, very strange… I just can’t seem to wrap my head around it. But thanks for your quick reply :slight_smile: !

Whilst looking for a solution to my own video problems I stumbled accross this thread of someone who may have been having a similar problem


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Looks very similar to my problem! Thanks so much!!

OK, so: I managed to find a solution. I used a loop each time to just show one example during the explanation of the task, and for some reason that’s were it all went awry. So by just removing these ‘sample’ loops, the rest of the experiment worked just fine! I still didn’t find out why this part wasn’t working though…

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