Problem creating a Paced Auditory Serial Addition Task- computerized version

Hello everyone,
I’m trying to built a Paced Auditory Serial Addition Task- computerized version, in order to use it further in an online study.
Basically, this task is a behavioural measure of task persistence and distress tolerance, in which the participant performs serial addition of numbers presented one at a time on a computer monitor. Participants are asked to add the most recent number presented to the previous one and to use the computer mouse to click on the correct answer from the numbers shown on the bottom of the screen. After clicking on the sum, the participants are asked to ignore the sum and to continue adding the number that is shown by the computer to the next number presented. A point is awarded for every correct answer, and an aversive“explosion”sound effect is played in response to every incorrect answer. The task includes three rounds of increasing difficulty (i.e., the latencies between numbers presented decreased and the length of the round increased). Unlike rounds 1–2, participants were given the option to“quit”the task at any time during level 3 (the most difficult round). The time (in seconds) it took for the participant to quit the task in round 3 is the behavioural index of task persistence or distress tolerance as a continuous measure.
I have already done the first round : I’ve created a trial routine where i’v used some polygon to present all the response options (from 1 to 18) and another to print the actual stimulus (which is a random number from 1 to 9. After participants had responded to one trial or after the end of the 3s period to respond, participant are redirected to a feedback routine. In this feedback routin, we let exactly the same thing on the screen (stimulus + response option) and we evaluate if participant have right or wrong (if they’re right we add one point to a counter and if they are wrong we present the aversive sound). The feedback period take 3s - response time of the participant.
Normally it should be sufficient, but i have a problem: sometimes there is a bug during the feedback period in case of no-response (and maybe sometimes in other trial) and nothing appear on the screen for a few ms (no stimulus and response option etc). To solve that problems i’ve try to pass the feedback routine when there is no response or to let a minimum of 10-20ms of feedback routine (even in case of no response) but it didn’t change at all. I don’t know how to fix this issue. Could somebody help me please?
Kind regards,
Nicolas Kaczmarek
pasat-c_4.0.psyexp (182.4 KB)