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Present images in order based on participants response?


hoping someone can help.

I’m trying to create an experiment that presents images based on the participant’s response. I would like this to go online via Pavlovia, so any coding may be best in JS if someone is able to help via this method.

It is about dynamically re-populating the screen with images based on a participant’s response. Basically participants choose a certain order for some images by writing letters associated with each image into an answer box. On the next screen I would like to present the images in the order that the participant chose.

Do you know how I can go about this?


What exactly do you mean by writing letters?

I’m imagining a system similar to my independent randomisation method where in the first loop the image names are stored in a list next to the participant response. This list could then be sorted and used in the second loop.


Thanks. Yeah sounds similar I think.

To clarify, participants choose a certain order for some images by typing letters (e.g. A - E) in to an answer box, with each letter being associated to one individual image. On the next screen the images will then present in the order that the participant chose.

Are they allowed to pick the same letter for more than one picture?


How are you wanting them to enter the letters? I imagine that I’d probable do some kind of drag and drop but it could be five single key responses (4 since the final one should be known) or an editable text box.

I could certainly write this for you, but if you’re wanting to do it yourself with support I’d need to know more about how far you’ve got with the participant response.

Hi, It’d be preferable if they type in the letters in a sequence in a text box, eg. ,C,A,B,D,E,F.

If someone could write this for me that would be amazing. Otherwise, a relevant example I could work off or copy bits from would also be a great help. Thanks.