Randomize multiple image selection

URL of experiment: version2 [PsychoPy] (pavlovia.org)

Description of the problem: This experiment shows the order of the images and later asks the user to arrange the images in the correct order. The puzzle has 4*4 grid (16 images attached below), which are given directly in the image stimuli (the path of the image is given – fixed image for each component). I want to randomize the image selection without using the conditions file.

Right now the experiment in not running on Pavlovia but it’s working on Psychopy.

For your createGRid is not defined error try defining it using

createGrid = function (rows, cols, size, pos, names) {

instead of

function createGrid(rows, cols, size, pos, names) {

Thank you @wakecarter for your response. I have changed the changes you suggested still I’m facing an error and I’m not able to run the experiment

Gitlab link: version2.js · master · Sreya Sukhavasi / Version2 · GitLab (pavlovia.org)