Post-experiment feedback based on all data - can it be done?

I would like to collect participant responses (online) and - at the end of the experiment, not trial-by-trial - give feedback based on the total data collected. Is this possible in Pavlovia / PsychoPy?

To give a few more specifics I am imagining

  • asking participants to respond to some survey questions
  • from these questions calculating a total score (e.g. on a 0 - 100 scale)
  • upon completion, telling participants something about their score in the context of the total sample of respondents so far (i.e. live updating this as more responses are collected)
  • so the feedback would be something like “You scored 56 out of 100. This is higher than 36% of the sample population, where scores varied between a low score of 34 and high score of 87”, where 36%, 34 and 87 would be recalculated with each additional participant

I know that Pavlovia experiments save data to a gitlab repo. Presumably I could ask PsychoPy to scrape the CSV files and so calculate the statistics for the feedback that way. Is that likely to work? Or would there be an easier way?

Hi, would this example here work for your task? Using the Shelf for Multi-session testing, Counterbalancing and more online — PsychoPy v2023.2.3

Yes, thanks! I’d completely forgotten about the shelf. Doh!