Possible to generate patches of noise and save as image files on Pavlovia?

I’m making an experiment in which participants discriminate Gabor patches from patches of visual noise. I was hoping to generate the noise patches in the experiment, and also save them as image files to a folder for later analysis.

In Pavlovia, is it possible to:

  1. Generate patches of noise? (I have this working in PsychoPy with the Noise stimuli component, but no noise stimuli appear on Pavlovia)

  2. Save generated stimuli as image files? (In PsychoPy I can get a screenshot of the whole window with visual.BufferImageStim(win, stim=[noise_stim]) or win.saveMovieFrames('screenshot.jpg'), but neither seem to work in Pavlovia)

@mdoswell, have you tried calling win.getMovieFrame before attempting to save?

Sorry, I should have mentioned.

Yes, I have
in the End Routine section of a code component.

In Pavlovia I get this error: TypeError: win.getMovieFrame is not a function

I also have win=psychoJS.window; in a code component in my first routine.

Hi @mdoswell, I was wondering if you ended up being successful in implementing/presenting noise on Pavolvia?

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