Please help :-( win.getMovieFrame() crashing on Pavlovia

Description of the problem: I want to record the screen of participants using the brush tool. I so far have the following code that takes each frame when drawing, and compiles to an mp4: (with Auto translation)

Under each frame:
win.getMovieFrame(). ← Python
psychoJS.window.getMovieFrame(); ← Java

Under end routine:
win.saveMovieFrames(expInfo[‘participant’] + “" + ‘.mp4’). ← Python
psychoJS.window.saveMovieFrames(((expInfo[“participant”] + "
”) + “.mp4”)); ← Java

This works perfectly in the builder, but when I try on pavlovia I get this:

  • TypeError: psychoJS.window.getMovieFrame is not a function

What can I do to resolve this? Any input welcome!

Hi, we cannot record frames online but you can save the x and y coordinates of your mouse on every frame and recreate what was drawn from these values.


That could be useful - do you know of any code which can translate those x and y coordinates back into images/videos?

Thanks for your help!


Hi, sorry I am not aware of any although I believe there are open source codes that can convert coordinates into images. It just depends on which language you are most comfortable with