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Position incoherence with Pycharm

I am using PyCharm (CE 2019.3) with python 3.7 and psychopy installed - works fine, for what I tried until now, except for a weird difference with text placement in windows.

Any text placed at (0,0) with units=“norm” appears at the left border, mid-height (thus, (-1,0) when run from PyCharm. It seems that in PyCharm the coordinate system is x=[0,2], y =[-1,1].

Any suggestion how to correct that ?

thanks in advance !

Hi @alain, see this post. This is probably an issue with the version of Pyglet you are using. You can downgrade the version of Pyglet to 1.3.2. Btw, this will be fixed in the next release of PsychoPy standalone package, with additional options for text alignment.

Excellent, many thanks !