Polygon appearance time

Hi, I am trying to make a polygon appear (as a text border) and pause for 2s after selecting a certain text (option) by using the keyboard component, in order to provide visual feedback of their selection to participants. Since I set the response time to forever (no duration), I have trouble with making that happen. Could somebody help me out? Thank you!

P.S. Why do I need to press the key twice to respond? Does anyone know why is that?

For the visual feedback, you can add the polygon in a new routine after the current one. That way you can keep your response time as no duration and when the participant makes a response, it will continue to the next routine (i.e. the selection confirmation).

Not sure why you need to press the key twice. Could you describe/show us how you set it up?

what if I want the entire scene still look the same including the options, and I want an additional text border appears after the response is made (e.g., there are two options and I selected the left one, then the text border appears afterward but nothing is changing). Can I still add the polygon in a new routine to make that happen? If so, how can I make the data of the options keep the same for the two routines? or is there an alternative way to do so?

I’m not sure if there’s a more efficient way to do this, but you can duplicate your original routine into a subsequent one and just add the selection feedback polygon all with the same duration.

It works. Thank you so much!