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Police Officer's Dilemma/First Person Shooter Task


You might be familiar with the task if not it can previewed here

I’m looking to incorporate this task into a study I’m doing but I need to change the procedure. Unfortunately the task is made in E-Prime which I don’t have access to. Is anyone aware of any existing versions of this (or similar tasks) that have been built/coded in PsychoPy?



Hi @CEKinch, I am not aware of any versions of this task. You could search on for online versions. However, it does not look like a difficult task to build using PsychoPy. You will:

  • Present an image using Image component
  • Collect response from keyboard (not shoot vs shoot)

For PsychoPy fundamentals, it is worth going through the PsychoPy Stroop tutorial, to learn how to use conditions files and loops to change your stimuli and correct answers for each trial.