PLEASE HELP with interpretation of results

I have chosen Continuous performance Task/ Primed GoNogo. I had forked and cloned it and I bought the credits to run the experiment. This is for research purposes.

I’ve piloted the experiment and downloaded the results in excel to run a trial.
The results in excel only show responses. I didn’t understand how to interpret those results. It does not show measured sustained attention. It only shows the answers.
How do I derive the results and interpret the scores?

I’m very new to this software and do not understand the results.
I’ve looked for the tutorial and couldn’t find it.
Please help me out with this, as my experiment is ready and I have the sample but I’m not able to proceed as I do not know how to interpret results from the responses in excel.

Anyone who knows what to do with excel information as in entering into SPSS and assigning scores to each response or what to do understand the results. PLEASE HELP ME.

Please could you upload the data for one participant? It might be that you simply need the proportion correct in the Go and NoGo conditions. You might want a D score to account for response bias.

You could try using my Summarise Data code (which is still work in progress)