getMovieFrame in PsychoJS

Am I right in thinking that PsychoJS does not support getMovieFrame ?
Calling it in the obvious way does not work (error: * TypeError: psychoJS.window.getMovieFrame is not a function) and I can’t find reference to it in the PsychoJS source code. I’d also not be at all surprised if its not implemented. But I’m new to JS so maybe I’m just calling in incorectly.

Hi @schofiaj, did you resolve this?

No but I think I found a work around for my task. I was trying to record the image drawn by the participant with the pen tool. I found that I could record the mouse movements and from that could construct an image. But I didn’t take it any further.

Hi schofiaj - I think I’m going to have to do a similar thing. Do you happen to know of any code that might help to do this?

Sorry no, I played with the briefly but didn’t take it further.