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Playing video during the task


I am rather new to PsychoPy. I struggle to create an experiment with two simultaneous tasks - participants are supposed to see (and react to) random letters (it’s actually n-back task) while watching a movie. So the routine for letters takes about 2.5 seconds (and is in a loop), but the movie is much longer (20 seconds).

Is there any way to make it simultaneous? Can two routines start at the same time?

Thank you for your help!

edit: Of course I forgot - I am using PsychoPy standalone version on Windows 10, in case that matters :slight_smile:

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So far as I know, you can’t run two processes at the same time.

The closest workaround I can think of would still require you to effectively pause the video for each trial. You would have a routine to start the video, but have something in Each Frame to check for the time and, when the time hits a certain point, end the routine. On the next routine, display the stimulus, start listening for input and start the video again, but use to start playing at the point you previously ended it. This will give the appearance of a continuous video, when really you’ve just very quickly stopped and restarted it.

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