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Playing three stimulus in each trial at random and ignoring the fast version when the slow is selected and vice versa

Hi everyone. My experiment includes playing a couple of sound files with different speeds. But the point is that if the slower version is played the faster version should be ignored and choosing between slower or faster should be random. Another thing is that (if you look at my spreadsheet) when a row is selected at random the order in which the three columns related to that row is played should be random again so that participants should rate which one is the comparison stimulus (shown in red). It’s noteworthy that the two standard stimulus (shown in yellow) are the same. I’m quite new to using spreadsheet for playing stimulus and I don’t know if the way I’ve put the sound files in the spreadsheet is correct and if so how I can make it work the way I want: 1-choosing different rows at random, 2-when the slow version is selected the fast version be ignored and vice versa, 3-playing three columns at random.
I appreciate any detailed explanation of this.
my simple stimuli.xlsx (9.4 KB)