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Piloting Pavlovia experiment results in "403 Forbidden" page

URL of experiment: Pavlovia

Description of the problem: I created an experiment in which participants listen to a song (one song for now, but intended to have more songs) and then complete a memory task. The song is played as .mp4 in a MovieStim because I noticed it to have better sound quality and smaller filesize during development. In any case, local PsychoPy testing went without errors. On Pavlovia, running the Pilot version of the experiment results in a new browser window stating “403 Forbidden” and a smaller message “nginx”. No further error message is provided. I hope you can help me solve this issue. Kind regards, Vincent.


There are quite many postings regarding this error. Does anything relate to your experiment?

Best wishes Jens

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Dear Jens,

thanks for the reply. I should have looked through the other posts a bit longer. What solved this issue was setting the experiment status to Inactive and then turning it back to Pilot status (as discussed here: 403 forbidden error when trying to run experiment (Pavlovia, JSPysch)).

The experiment now starts without problems!

Kind regards,

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