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Piloting in Pavlovia displays white web page

I used jsPsych to create an experiment that shows an image, and uses a slider response for each trial. When I save the code in html on my local computer, it plays fine from there. But when I try to pilot run the experiment code and images in Pavlovia from a gitlab.pavlovia repository I only get a white web page. I don’t know if the problem is in my code, or file structure in the repository, or somewhere else. Screenshots of first 50 lines of code here:

OS: Mac Big Sur 11.3.1

Update: I changed the jspsych version in the code to 6.0.0 and now instead of a white page I get the message “experiment failed to load” when I pilot it from Pavlovia.

Hi There,

Do you get that error message in the console or in a red “pop up”? please could you share the link to the gitlab repository with us?


Thanks! I Don’t see any error message only a white screen and no pop-up. Here’s a link to the gitlab repository.