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Jspsych.js, jspsych.css, and some plugins from jsPsych library not found on Pavlovia's server

URL of experiment: Sign in · GitLab

Description of the problem: My (private) experiment uses the plugins jspsych-html-keyboard-response and jspsych-survey-likert from version 6.1.0 (the latest version) of jsPsych. When I attempt to pilot the experiment on Pavlovia, I get a blank white screen. The console says that the two aforementioned plugins, as well as jspsych.css and jspsych.js, fail to load. Sure enough, when I try to find these resources in Pavlovia’s library, I get “404 Not Found” errors:

Am I using the wrong paths to access these resources?

Hi, I’m getting a similar problem - I think it’s a Pavlovia issue at the moment. It seems to affect any experiments from new repositories and forked experiments (the original experiments seem to run fine). I noticed that when piloting, the url doesnt include my account name but instead replaces it with ‘undefined’. Replacing the ‘undefined’ with the account name will simply redirect to my dashboard.

Hi rcortez,

Interesting. By “original experiments,” I presume you mean experiments that were uploaded to gitlab.pavlovia repositories before this recent problem arose. When I pilot my experiment, the URL does include my username. It doesn’t say “undefined,” or anything else noticeably off, anywhere in the URL.

I figured out what went awry on my end. All the resources that failed to load are in Pavlovia’s library, but the most up-to-date versions Pavlovia offers are from jsPsych 6.0.4 rather than 6.1.0. All I had to do was replace every instance of “6.1.0” with “6.0.4” in my code. Piloting now appears to work as it should.

Hello @Nerdologist and @rcortez,

6.1.0 is now available as well :slight_smile:


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Excellent! Thanks, Alain.