Pilot error message

URL of experiment:

Gitlab: https://gitlab.pavlovia.org/2clarkmoore2/hl_ensemble_pilot/tree/master/

Description of the problem: Although python and local debug mode work well. I am getting an error message when piloting online that reads:

  • when downloading the resources for experiment: HL_ensemble_pilot
  • unable to download resource: trialTypes_A.xls (FILE_LOAD_ERROR)

This error came seemingly out of the blue as I was able to pilot the experiment though pavlovia just the other day.

Some additional info to help you help me:
I manually created an html folder a while back and manually put a resources folder in there as well. I did this when I wasn’t able to get my exp to run online. It may be superfluous now because it seems the resources that psychopy downloads in JS come from the git repository and not from this resources folder.
Another strange thing that happened that may or may not be related: When I was getting my exp to run online I would click on the green run exp online button and my browser would open with the code running just fine. Now however, when clicking the same button, I get a message saying the URL doesn’t have a pilot token and that I should open the experiment from the experiment page. So when I go to the exp page and run from there, I get the above resources error message. This isn’t a huge issue for me but its curious both of these messages came up around the same time.

Thank you all for helping me out!! Hope this is an easy fix.


Hey Clark,

I looked for this this trialTypes_A.xls file in your repo, but I couldn’t find it. Where can I find it?

Best, Thomas

Hello Thomas,

Thanks for taking a look at this! trialTypes_A.xls is not a resource I created and put in my repo. I believe it is a resource that Psychopy creates to list all the resources that need to be uploaded when running something online. I tried adding code from here https://pavlovia.org/docs/experiments/resources that would load this file automatically, yet this does not seem to work either.


Solved it by deleting extra JS files I didn’t need in my HTML folder and fiddled around with downloading resources manually like in https://pavlovia.org/docs/experiments/resources

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