Pavlovia uploading error(initialising)

URL of experiment: Pavlovia

Description of the problem:
I have a problem piloting my experiment. It only shows the ‘initialising the experiment’ message on a white screen. And also I think there is a problem in the image loading part too. The error message says that they can’t find the location of the images. And the location of the images is the folder ‘stim’.

Hello ssy0213

you need to add the file-extension to your condition-files. So, stim/0-1.png instead of stim/0-1. PsychoPy “finds” the proper file without the correct extension, PsychoJS not.

BTW, if only the stimuli change from routine to routine it is best to reuse the routine.

Best wishes Jens

Hello JensBoelte

Thank you so much!
I changed the code and when I upload it separately, task 1 works well!!
Thank you again!!

But the second task still doesn’t work;(
It keeps showing “initialising the experiment” screen…
Do you know why it happens?

Thank you

What is the error message in the Browser console?