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Pavlovia unknown resource error

URL of experiment: html · master · Seohee Han / StatAB2020 · GitLab

Hello, I need help with uploading resources on Pavlovia.
As shown in the screenshot, the experiment cannot load my png files in the resources file. I have read other topics and checked the upper/lower cases and file extensions but still, it won’t work.
Weird thing is that it has worked before editing few codes of the experiment that were not related to resources files so I cannot figure out what the problem is.

Description of the problem:
Screenshot 2021-04-27 at 4.27.46 PM

Thank you!

Does it need adding via Experiment Settings / Online?

Thank you! It works after adding additional resources on the Experiment Settings/Online tab, although now I have to specify my files as resources/filename.png in my code. It used to work with just filename.png before… Still, problem solved!! Thank you :slight_smile: