Pavlovia file load errors

I am trying to upload my experiment onto pavlovia and I keep receiving a “file load error” on the videos for my experiment. The experiment has about 40 videos and I am just unsure how I can fix this error. Any suggestions would be helpful.
Thank you

I most recently got this because my path was wrong.

okay, I’m sorry but what does that exactly mean? Your path to the videos?

Yes. Please give an example of how you are loading the videos in your experiment and where there are on Gitlab in relation to your index.html file.

All my videos are just saved in a file on my computer in either a mp4 or mpg file and neither of those are working.
I am not sure where they are located on Gitlab in relation to the file. Every time I try to explore Gitlab I am told I need at SSH key pair, and I’m trying to figure out how to get that.
Sorry i am very new to this and really don’t know what these things are, thanks for your help so far.

When syncing all your files need to be in your experiment folder or in a sub-folder of it. There shouldn’t be anything else in your experiment folder.

I created a sub-folder with all the files in it and unfortunately I am receiving the same issue.

are there certain types of video files that will not work in pavlovia?

You need to use files that work with browsers. I’d recommend you browse through my crib sheet. However, the file format recommendation is:

Use H.264 encoded MP4 files with AAC audio encoding. d.govan

See also Media formats suitable for online studies.