Pavlovia experiment stuck on loading html page

URL of experiment: Feb22FYP [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem:

Hi I am new to PsychoPy and Pavlovia and would really appreciate if anyone could help me with the following issue.

I’ve uploaded my experiment on Pavlovia and participants are recruited via SONA. The link for my experiment is above and the gitlab link is Sign in · GitLab .

Participants are able to sign up and complete the initial participant page and consent page, but when they move to the next page (Demographics- based on the PsychoPy online demos)they get a ‘404 nginx’ Error message.

I ran the experiment myself yesterday and I was able to complete it and I have not amended the code since it was working.

Is there any suggestion to amend this?

Where is the html file you are embedding.

is a real file that is claiming a file not found error.

Hi thank you for your response - I’m sorry I don’t fully understand your question I have the html file saved in the same folder as my builder experiment


Sorry – I misdiagnosed the issue.

Your index.html file is in your html folder, which means that PsychoPy is looking for Demographics.html there. You could copy the html file to the html folder or you could address it in PsychoPy as …/Demographics.html to tell PsychoPy to look in the next folder up.

However, if you upgrade to PsychoPy 2021 then you may run into other issues with using the html folder and need to rebuild your experiment without it. Here’s a link about that.

Thank you so much for your help - I followed the steps in the links you provided and deleted the experiment and set it up again with the latest version of PsychoPy and it seems to be working now. :grinning:

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