Pavlovia experiment randomly freezing for some of my participants

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: Most (but not all) of my participants are unable to complete my experiment because it is freezing. I checked that every participant is using a computer and NOT a phone or tablet (since there is a mouse component). There is no obvious pattern among OS and browsers as to why this is happening (ie. some people on a Macbook and Chrome can complete it, and others can not), and it looks like it’s freezing in different spots for different participants, but looks like it’s most frequently freezing during my first loop. Is there anyone who might have an answer as to why this is happening? Is this a memory issue?

Hi there,

At first description yes this does sound like a memory issue. Does your experiment contain a large number of resources? (e.g. Movies and images) if so, is there any way you can cut those down?

When the experiment freezes, are you able to open the developer tools in the browser to see if any errors show (a description of how to do this is in the JS crib sheet :blush:)


Hi Becca- it does not contain any resources like that- merely text with a few feedback code components.

The issue is that the experiment never freezes for me, but many of my participants are reporting that it’s freezing for them.

Solved it-- this was my own foolish error. The text component had no duration set to it, but the keyboard component expired after 5 seconds. This explains why some people had it freeze and others didn’t- some were responding within 5 seconds, others were taking longer.