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Pavlovia .csv file misses one datapoint

Hi there!

I’ve been running my experiment for the last couple of weeks and all was going well until I started with the data analysis and I noticed a strange problem: I have 132 experimental trials, but the experiment gives me 133 data points for reaction time. However, the data for the final trial does not contain the picture that it shows the participant. I thought I could just delete it, but when I tested it once on Pavlovia and noted down which pictures I got, I found out that it includes only half of the data of the final trial (so only the RT but not the picture and the phoneme it showed me)

In the file I attached you can see the file that I got from Pavlovia. I put the extracted data points in a separate file.

The relevant data for me is everything under key_resp_15 (keys, correct and rt) and Stimuli, Phoneme and corrAns. I am missing ‘stimuli’, ‘Phoneme’ and ‘corrAns’ data for the last datapoint.

Does anyone know why it gives me an extra trial? And why it gives me the rt but not the other data I need?

I don’t know if anyone here is able to help me. I’m mostly worried I’m matching the wrong RT to the wrong stimuli and that would be a disaster for my data analysis.

0105JH_Experiment_FinalDraft_EliseAlberts_2020-05-06_19h53.11.345.csv (375.8 KB)
0105JH_datapoints.xlsx (15.8 KB)

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