Pavlovia crashing when using slider with tick labels: included pic of chrome developer tools

So I am trying to use the slider with the rating appearence with ticks and labels from 0-10. Without the labels, it works online just fine, but when I use labels it keeps saying undefined javascript error. Google chrome is showing me that label height and some other stuff are causing issues.

If I can’t get this to work, then I will have to upload pictures of the scale and then use a textbook entry for people to enter in from 0-10. I am including the exp file too, for test purposes the numbers here are from 1-5.

Please help me figure out this slider issue, you’re my only hope.

V11.psyexp (23.6 KB)

Good morning @Hasademi,

It appears that you have already changed your experiment to use pictures instead of sliders.
Could you generate a version with the slider for me to look into?