Sliders not displaying in online study in certain browsers

Hi all,

We are currently running an online pilot study that includes a questionnaire portion made in builder mode. While our task runs without error messages, in some browsers our slider labels do not display. Instead, our participants are reporting that they see an empty slider. So far, we have heard reports of this in the latest version of Chrome as well as Firefox.

Here are some images taken by one of our participants on the same screen:

The image WITH labels is our task being run by this subject in Safari.
The image WITHOUT labels is our task being run by the same subject in the latest version of Chrome.

If anyone has any input on this, it would be greatly appreciated!

Happy to provide any additional information if needed! Thank you all in advance.

I have the same issue!

Yesterday I discovered (using Chrome ) that I could display labels online if they were constant but not if they were set to update either as a variable in the component or via .setLabels. I therefore set the changing labels via separate text boxes. . I also couldn’t modify the number of ticks.

I also can only see the triangle (in my case) during the period between the slider being clicked and the end of the routine (which I end .5 seconds after the slider has a value)

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Thank you for your reply!

Currently I have a slider that loops six times and changes labels/number of ticks with each loop. This is the part of the questionnaire task where participants are having problems (which makes sense to me now based on your reply).

Just to make sure I am interpreting your solution correctly given the set-up of this particular questionnaire:
It seems like the best course of action would be for me to generate a new slider, set to constant, for every question in this section. Having six separate sliders (versus one in a loop) would allow me to “change” the number of ticks between questions.

To add to this – I have now tested this task myself in the latest versions of Firefox, Safari, and Chrome with no issues viewing the labels. I’ve been using a Mac, not sure if this could potentially be an OS issue.

Hi wakecarter, I stumbled upon your post and am really interested to learn how you end the routine 0.5 seconds after the slider gets a value! I want my participants to be able to see their answer on the slider.
This is exactly what I was trying to ask in this post:
mouse.isPressedIn() with slider - Coding - PsychoPy
Could you explain how you did that? I want to implement my experiment online on pavlovia so would need the JS code. Thanks so much!

Begin Routine


Each Frame

if rated==0 and your_slider_component.getRating() != undefined:
elif rated > 0 and t > rated+.5:

Although this is Python code for an auto translate box, it might need a tweak to run locally (because undefined might not be the correct term).

Hey y’all, I’m keeping track of whether the solution proposed by @wakecarter works out. Could you tag me if it does?