Parallel Port Issues - Simple solve


This is not a question, just a comment that I hope others will find useful, that was a solution to a problem that I was having with the Parallel Port signals not being sent.

The issue was that there was no signal being sent to the EEG via the parallel port (LTP3 in my case). Address was correct, installed the libraries in to the experiment folder (via the forum), no error codes present, a myriad of other things, but nothing worked. After much exhaustion, it turned out that there is a checkbox (“Enable legacy Plug and Play detection”) in the Port Settings tab of the LTP3 properties via the Device Manager.
This may seem intuitive to a lot of people, however, I found no mention of this anywhere with other Parallel Port Issue threads and spent a significant amount of time trying to find the solution to the issue and I do not want others to have to exhaust themselves like I did for such a simple solve. Here is the clear pathway to find the enabling:

Device Manager > Ports (COM & LPT) > “Your Port Name” > Properties > Port Settings > check “Enable legacy Plug and Play Detection”

Best to all with all of their explorative pursuits!

Thanks for the heads up.