Parallel module and class


I have written a script using Psychopy’s coder and now I need to send triggers through a parallel port to our data collection equipment. I found this article that explains how to use Psychopy’s Builder to communicate via a parallel port. I also found the documentation to the psychopy.parallel module described in this article. Unfortunately, the article does not provide access to the source code of the module and there is no documentation about the class methods and attributes besides the discussion about the legacy functions in the latter half of the article. It also talks about the Parallel and ParallelPort classes but no explanation of how they work, what arguments they take and return. How can I find more information about the Parallel and ParallelPort classes so I can use Coder to communicate via parallel port with my hardware?

Hmm, in the past I’ve trawled through the psychopy github repo to understand the packages. Do these links help?

Thanks! Both links helped a lot.

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