Overlapping eye tracking ROIs

OS Win10
PsychoPy version 2021.1.4
Standard Standalone? Yes

I have several ROIs that overlap in a builder version of PsychoPy using a Tobii eye tracker. All the data seems to be coming through just fine, except I was expecting the overlapping ROIs to have overlapping fixations (and therefore overlapping times on and off). However, upon looking at the data that is not the case (there is no overlap at all). I’ve looked through the documentation and cannot find the answer to my question which is this:

If you have overlapping ROIs, which one contains the data for the eye tracking? My assumption is that the ROI component created last/ listed last contains the data. But if someone could confirm, that would be appreciated.

When you say they overlap, do you mean they are the exact same area, or there are areas which are within both ROIs? If the latter, you’d expect timesOn for each ROI to be the time at which the participants’ gaze entered that specific ROI. They shouldn’t override one another, they each check whether the current gaze coordinates are contained within their vertices independently.

I mean there are areas that are included in both ROIs. They do not perfectly overlap. The amount of area that overlaps varies, but I never see any matching timesOn values. Due to the content and size in the overlapping ROIs, I would expect at least some overlap/ matching timesOn values.

However, I just checked again and there are no matching values. Is there anyway to verify which ROI contains the data for a given fixation?

Could you share your experiment file and an example of some data you’re getting from testing it on yourself? I think it would be easier to see what’s going on if I could see the data first hand