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Online experiment trials loop nested in the block loop not ended correctly

OS: mac OS Mojave 10.14.2 (18B75)

Psychopy version: Psychopy3.0.2

Hi guys,

I tested one of my online experiment, I nested a trials loop into a blocks loop(see below figure). In the local Psychopy version, the experiment run properly, where each block contains a certain number of trials loop. However, in the online experiment, the trials loop did not end properly. For example, when the last block was ended, the trials loop still run. I think the online experiment nested logical might be problematic. Could anyone help to figure out this problem! Thanks!

  1. Do you have any custom code components in this experiment? i.e. if you have any custom Python code that is involved in terminating loops, that code would need to be re-written in Javascript.
  2. It would be worth giving the link to your experiment in case someone can look into it for you.

Hi, Michael

  1. There are some code components in the experiment, but did not involved in terminating loops. The code also was re-written in Javascript.
  2. I have created a simple online experiment test. see this link: The experiment condition file only includes two blocks, but after two blocks the online experiment did not end, rather than still running the trial loop. This issues did not occur in local experiment.


Hi @YuanboBQ, how many entries does ‘block.xlsx’ have? I have attempted to recreate a simplified version of your experiment, and it works as expected - the inner loop presented 0:2 rows randomly for a total of two trials, and this repeats for as many rows are on the ‘blocks.xlsx’ conditions file (in my case, 5 rows, or blocks).

Hi @dvbridges , the ‘block.xlsx’ only consists of two entries(block1, block2). see the below picture.

Ok, would you mind uploading your psyexp file, so I can take a look?

I have uploaded the psyexp file and blocks.xlsx file.

blocks.xlsx (9.0 KB)
sg_test.psyexp (58.3 KB)

@YuanboBQ, I do not think there is anything wrong with your experiment, but something wrong with the Blocks excel file. Try creating a new file, and only add those entries (manually type just to be sure, rather than copy and paste). I was able to recreate your problem, but it went away after I swapped the Block excel sheet with a new version.

Hi, @dvbridges, following your instruction, I created a new blocks.xlsx file. Indeed, the experiment end properly. Thanks! It very strange why this issue happened. The excel file did not cause the bug in local experiment, and apparently only consists of two entries.

Anyway, thank you so much!