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Nothing happens after the experiment starts

Hello! Need some help really bad.

I try to run my new experiment made with builder, but it doesn’t work at all. After i click ‘run’ button and enter the participant’s name only the background of the exp appears and then nothing. No error messages, no bugs, no warnings at all, just the background and no text or stimuli appear. Looked through the coder view - still no errors or warnings.

I did my best to search the solving on google and this site, but i only found similar situations twice and both times the problem ‘solved itself’. I wonder if my case can do the same. For now, there’s just the blanc screen.

Any ideas about how can i solve this?

Mac OS 10.15 Catalina
Experiment made on the latest ver. of psychopy on the same Mac Os 10.15 but different device

We can’t possibly help solve this without more details of what you have done. e.g. show us how you have set up your first routine. Show us screenshots of some of the stimulus components. Show us how the first routine should end (e.g. by keypress, etc).

Tell us what you actually expect to see and to happen.


  1. Firstly the text instruction should appear. The participant should press ‘space’ after and the train session (7 trials) should begin. After they should press ‘space’ one more time and the main series (60 trials) should start.
  2. Every trial consists of 3 text phrases, appeared with an interval of ~300 ms.
  3. Every trial ends with the participant pressing one of the keys (right or left arrow).
    After the main series, the experiment stops.

I guess that’s everything I can provide. I wasn’t the maker of the exp, so I don’t know more than that, but if you could tell me what more can help to solve the issue I could find out from the author.

Share the experiment here so someone can check and find the problem. It is impossible to tell what is the problem.