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Mouse-click on the stimulus is not properly saved

URL of experiment: Pavlovia

Description of the problem:
I have a simple decision task for kids. The task has two phases. In the first learning phase, there is an avatar giving suggestions to them before they make a decision on each trial. In the second test phase, there is a button presented on the screen when they make the decision on each trial. They can choose to click on the button using the mouse, then the avatar will appear to give suggestions. If they do not click on the button, they can make their own decisions directly without seeing the avatar. The button click is saved as the variable “Button_choice”. But in the result file, the “Button_choice.leftButton” is always 1, and the “Button_choice.rightButton” is always 0, regardless of the actual clickings on the button.

I also have another variable called “asked_advice”. In the code module, I specified if the Button_choice is clicked inside the button stimulus, the “asked_advice” changes from 0 to 1. But this variable is not saved in the result file because I did not specify saving it in the code. And it’s not an option to add one line of code to save this variable now because the data collection is finished. I don’t see any other variables in the result file that I can use to trace back their decisions. In this situation, is it still possible to find a way to know their decisions for button clicking?

Thanks in advance!!!

Beg for any help… Or a simpler question, when running the online experiment, are there any extra data stored by the server beyond the results we can download from pavlovia?


Sorry for the late reply. About your first question: the leftButton and rightButton mean whether the left and right button on the mouse itself are pressed. I guess what you’re looking for is something like To achieve this:

  1. In your mouse component, pick the two stimulus components as “clickable stimuli”
  2. Set “End Routine on press” to “valid click”
  3. In the data tab, at “Store params for clicked”, be sure that name is there.

About your second question: nope, you’ve only got what’s in Pavlovia.

Best, Thomas

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