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No response a correct response

How to make no response a correct response?


I think we might need a bit more context… Coder or Builder? Why do you need no response to be a correct response? For presenting feedback? Another purpose? What have you already tried?


Sometimes the correct response on a given trial is not to respond at all, such as in a go/no-go task. To score such responses properly, enter ‘None’ as the correct answer (no quotes) in the Builder dialog box.

this was my tip of the day :slight_smile:


It doesnt’ work :frowning: I used this tutorial When the red light appears, ‘a’ should be pressed whereas when the blue light appears there should be no response.

I used this tutorial When the red light appears, ‘a’ should be pressed whereas when the blue light appears there should be no response.

add ‘None’ in your list of allowed keys, and in the correct answers column of your conditions file

It doesn’t work either :frowning: Blue light doesn’t change to red light unless I press ‘a’ which is the response key for red light

edit the duration of your blue light. sounds like it is waiting for key response to change, and since your correct answer is no response, you have to tell it how long it should last.

maybe add a light_duration (or whatever you wanna call it) column in your conditions file and give the blue rows a short time period, and the red ones longer (because that one will change with key response) then edit the duration(s) field of your item to $light_duration

I did what you said, but when I edited the duration(s) field to $lightduration, the blue nor the red light didn’t appear.

It’s hard to tell why without more info. But if I understand what you’re wanting to do correctly, here’s how I would do it (I’m not sure how you’re getting the light, but I’ll use a polygon for my example):

  • I’d have a conditions file that looks like this

  • insert routine in psychopy builder

  • into that routine insert a polygon; in the duration field I’d put $light_dur, in colour field I’d put $light_colour and change it from constant to set every repeat

  • insert keyboard response, set its duration as $light_colour, add 'a' and 'None' to the allowed keys list, check store correct answer, and add $corr_answer in the correct answer field.

  • insert the loop and select the conditions file

I’ve created go/no-go tasks before and this is how I had them working.

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I don’t know if I missed anything but when I run it, the stimulus doesn’t show. The duration(s) field should be set as “condition”, am I right?


Could you perhaps upload your experiment file and your input file(s)?


simon.psyexp (16.8 KB)
simonloop.xlsx (8.2 KB)

I almost get it but there’s a slight problem when you run the experiment

  • add the $lightduration in the duration field of your fixation text
  • remove the 
 characters from the code in your feedback routine and the instruction text (but this part may just be due to our differing OS)

see edited task and output attached :slight_smile:

simon.psyexp (16.8 KB)
_simon_2016_Dec_09_2251.csv (2.0 KB)

edit: I also adjusted the instruction text size as it was appearing too large on my screen, you may want to change it back.

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Thank you so much! Very much appreciated! Sorry if I kept asking you. It’s because I’m new to this software. Thanks again! :slight_smile:

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Merhaba Burcu Hanım :slight_smile: Dönem ödevvi olarak Go no Go experimentini yapmam lazım psychopy üzerinden. Fakat no response as a correct answer kısmını nasıl yapcağımı tam anlayamadım. Galiba onun için özel bir kod yazmam gerekiyor. Açıklayabilirseniz çok seviniriim