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No marker for slider online


URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: when running on a local machine, the slider would show the triangle marker (I set that style), but when running it online, no matter what style I choose, I don’t see any marker showing up.


Hi @YT_HAN, I believe the problem you are experiencing is because the trial ends before the slider draws the marker. One way to get around this until a fix is made is to allow your participant to make their ratings, and use the space key to continue on to the next trial. This way, slider gets a chance to draw the marker before the trial has ended.


Thanks for replying so quickly. so I tried to set the style to be ‘rating’ (so circle instead of triangle), for that, I have noticed that if I start with my mouse in the middle of the slider, the circle marker would show up, but not if I start anywhere else. For triangle, even if I start in the middle, it doesn’t always work.


Hi @dvbridges, I am having the same issue in this link:
but not in this one:

Even though only images differ in the two links.


@Sweta_Parmar, I think the marker is working, the problem is with the color of the marker when you use radio, the marker is the same color as the background. If you go to Slider in Builder, go to Appearance tab, and change the Color param to black, or some other non-white color, you will see the marker when you click it.

See GitHub for the radio issue:


Thanks, @dvbridges, I changed it to blue and it is working now.