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No data is stored from running study

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When I run my experiment on Pavlovia no data is stored although the participant completed the whole experiment. In piloting mode I was asked if I want to store the data and it was displayed in a .csv file just as expected. So I’m wondering what’s going wrong in running mode.

I have to add that when piloting I received an error message TypeError: Symbol.keyFor is not a function when the experiment had already ended (aka the “thank you”-screen had closed and I was asked to store the data). I do not know where this Code-snippet is coming from or what it is doing. Symbol is my variable name for the visually displayed letters or numbers (stored in an excel file).
I wrote into the forum on this but received no answer (see TypeError: is not a function after Pavlovia finished).
As it didn’t seem to affect my experiment, which was running fine and the data was stored in a .csv file just as expected, I didn’t bother too much. But now this is my best guess at what is going wrong.

Thank you to anyone who takes a look into my issue,

The error message was indeed responsible for not storing data while in running mode (although it did store data in piloting mode).
As I answered to my above mentioned feed, the error was that I unkowingly used the JavaScript keyword “Symbol” as a variable name in my experiment. After renaming the variable, everything works fine.

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