New survey creation tool coming soon to pavlovia

:loudspeaker::loudspeaker::loudspeaker: PSA :loudspeaker::loudspeaker::loudspeaker:

The team have been working on something special… will soon have an integrated survey creation/hosting tool.

Powered by the marvelous #opensource SurveyJS

Watch this space for info VERY soon…


Great news :heart_eyes: @Becca can you tell when this feature will be available? And will it be possible to connect a survey and a PsychoJS experiment? Would be awesome to be able to do everything on pavlovia


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This is definitely in progress but probably won’t be in the first version you’ll get to try (apart from by using daisy chaining).


I’m SO excited for this! Thanks to the team for their work on this new feature.

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Hello Becca,

I saw the presentation video. It sounds great. May I just ask how soon this tool will be issued?



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Hi Giansalvo,

So pleased that your excited by this! We’re hopeful for a release in the next few weeks!

We will keep you posted,



May I politely ask if this new tool is essentially going to supersede usage of the Forms component (via Builder) for form responses on pavlovia?

I ask because I haven’t been able to consistently use the Form component on pavlovia at all, typically for this reason. :frowning_face:

We will continue to support the form component (we don’t want people to be stuck with errors like the one you mention!), but yes, we believe that surveys will make it MUCH easier to implement and create surveys for online use, so anticipate this may supersede forms eventually for online experiments.

Hope that answers your question!

Many thanks, Becca. That is pretty much what I was thinking and hoping to be the case, but just felt the need to check! :slight_smile:

P.S. Any ideas you’ve got for the “split”" error issue would be gratefully received!

Hi there! Just wondering if this survey creation tool has been released yet? Or an expected date of release?

Look in your Pavlovia dashboard, to the right of the shelf tab.

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We also have a launch webinar today at 15:00 UK time! you can register here! Pavlovia Surveys - Launch Webinar Tickets, Fri 28 Oct 2022 at 15:00 | Eventbrite

Will a survey be able to be linked to a PsychoPy experiment? So a survey could be presented and then segway into the actual experiment?

Yes absolutely. When you make a survey you can put the link to your experiment in the completion url. (see figure 2 here Pavlovia)

We will be posting our webinar of this very soon.

Hi there!

Is it possible with the survey feature to not only link it to a PsychoPy experiment, but then have it uploaded/linked to SONA? In essence, a participant would go through SONA and would first complete the survey followed by the actual experiment

Furthermore, will it automatically match the survey results and experiment results for a participant? Or is that something I will to do manually.

Daisy chaining with Sona is already possible.

Having your surveys and survey data embedded in your experiment will be possible in version 2023.1.1 available soon. At the moment you’d need to match up the participant numbers.

Ok. Thanks so much for your help. Also, is it possible to have the survey be presented after the PsychoPy experiment? So after a participant completes the experiment they will automatically be redirected to the Pavlovia survey

You can do that now with daisy chaining.

How would I do that? I understand how to go from Survey → Experiment → SONA using daisy chaining, but how would that work going from Experiment → Survey → SONA

If you write down how to daisy chain Survey → Experiment → SONA then I should be able to rearrange what you’ve written to help you to daisy chain Experiment → Survey → SONA. Watching this video might help.

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