PsychoPy v1.84.2 crashes in previously-running script

Hi all,

I have a script to run an experiment that presents stimuli and records answers. The script was running normally in v1.83.04, but since upgrading to 1.84.1 (and same goes for 1.84.2), the script crashes upon start-up, without any messages in the output window.

When down-grading back to 1.83.04, the script runs just fine, so I doubt it is anything to do with the script itself. The PC on which I ran it is also the same (running Win 7).

The script in question - simplified - is uploaded here.

Please let me know if I can help in any way in reproducing this.

Hi, I cannot seem to be able to download the script, could you please post it here instead? Generally I think it’s favorable to provide scripts in plain text right here anyway. I don’t like having to download ZIP archives from arbitrary websites I’ve never heard of before, as I will have additional work with them (uploading to to have them scanned before opening, for example).

Also, is this related to this problem you reported earlier? Thanks.

Hi Richard

The problem is indeed related to the one I posted earlier, but in this case the crash happens more reliably (at every run) and also without an error message, so I thought would be more of interest to focus on this report instead. I tried deleting the old thread to not create confusion, but found no way to delete the entire thread.

The reason why I uploaded the entire expt was that there are image/sound files called upon the script, and so the psyexp alone won’t do if one is going to replicate the situation. Since there are no executables involved (as far as I know, ZIPs can’t be virus-infected) I didn’t think this would cause a security worry.

In either case, please find attached the script file here in case it is of any use.

debug.psyexp (14.4 KB)

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Are you running it through Builder? If so, can you try running it through Coder view (also run the experiment as a window so you can see the output); this might give more insight into the error.

I was able to find a problem in the form of an infinite loop related to initialising audio devices at the start of the experiment, but I don’t know if it was the same as yours. On removal of sound components the experiment worked fine for me.

Check to see what happens when you remove the sound components, and try to see if you can get any debug output.

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So Tudor,

What you need to do for us to be able to help you is provide the minimal working example. If you remove fix_cross do you still see the problem? If you remove the loop do you still see the problem?

Especially try and get rid of any parts that need external files (eg image files) because they stop us from being able to test your study on our own machines. Just looking at your study I can’t see a problem but unless I can recreate it on my computer I can’t debug it

Make sense?

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Makes sense, except that, given the way my script is organised, to remove all these individual components would mean rewriting the entire script, since components are conditioned upon each other in each out of several types of trial routines. I will reduce the footprint of the example when I find the time, and reupload. In my experience, the process of creatingthe MWE actually makes me find out the bug myself (didn’t happen on this occasion).
Note also that for me it’s easy to just use 1.83.04 to have the script not crash, so in this case it was a case of wanting to help [with bug identification in newer versions] rather than being helped :wink: (I have of course been helped many times before here, for which I remain very grateful.)