Nesting lists within lists


This is more of a query than a problem. Is it possible to access an excel spreadsheet from within an excel spreadsheet? (If you’ve ever used E-Prime, think of nested lists in there).

So for example, I create a conditions file in excel with the following.

CorrResp, FaceShown, WordShow
1 Happy Happy
2 Sad Happy
1 Sad Sad
2 Happy Sad

This is a small one, but should help with the gist of things. Am I then able to ask PsychoPy to look within a list where they will find all of the Happy faces, and Happy words. So that whatever pairing they call from this list will have the correct response of 1? This would be very useful for when these lists have 200+ pieces of stimuli, which if I were to make each of the pairings for in the initial conditions file would take a lot of time.

I have looked for assistance for this, but didn’t really know what to call it in my searchers.

Hopefully this makes sense, and I hope it’s an easy thing to sort!

Best wishes


If you have nested loops then you can point the inner loop at a spreadsheet defined by the spreadsheet in the outer loop. This is a very common procedure.

You might also be interested in looking at my independent randomisation demo.