NameError: name 'number_cpt' is not defined

I a new at PsychoPy and trying to read an excel sheet that is the following :

  • numers_random
  • one
  • two
  • three
  • four
  • five
  • six
  • seven
  • eight
  • nine

I have created a random trial loop to print each number of the excell randomly (except the name of the variable) :

Afterwards, I print in the builder a text containing my value of the excel by putting : $number_cpt and selecting “set every repeat”

This is the error I get :

So, I get the error that the variable was not defined, can you please help me ?
Thank you so much

Hi, can I check that you’re trying to present the numbers in the column numbers_random? If so, you would need $numbers_random in your text component

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oh thanks ! working now