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Error "name" not defined

Hey, I am very new to PsychoPy and am trying to create a study to investigate the theory of spaced learning by presenting participants a set of word pairs during a learning trial and then teaching them it again at a particular lag, before testing later.
The issue I am having is that I seem unable to connect my Excel sheet of variables to the PsychoPy builder so that it knows the series of words I want presented. I cannot undersand what I have done wrong as its a very similar format to a tutorial I have done and that was very straight forward and I managed that very easily.

This is my excel sheet and the error message I’m getting.

and the various setup screens I have…

Is anyone able to see from this where I’ve gone wrong?
What I am aiming for is for the word pairs to be shown for 7 seconds each before showing the next one, which I thought would be incredibly easy. But I am definitely going wrong somewhere.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Common error - you need to set the variable in your text component, so change the Text drop down box from Constant to Set Every Repeat

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Fantastic! Thanks so much Oli, not sure how something so small was giving me so much grief!

It gets everyone at some time or other - don’t worry!