My experiment doesn't work on Pavlovia with the error "initializing the experiment"

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: Pavlovia
This is my first time using pavlovia. I created an experiment in psychopy which works well offline but when I put it in pavlovia it didn’t work and it just says “initializing the experiment”.
I know this is mentioned a lot in other posts but I couldn’t find a solution or didn’t realize well them! I’ve also included my psychopy file here.
Seq_auditory.psyexp (23.0 KB)
I appreciate it a lot if you can help me.

Hi @Zhaleh, without combing through the whole experiment, one thing to note is that js can’t import py libraries (eg. random). Auto > JS works for a lot of things but some you need to translate by hand.
For some of your code you’ll need to change “Auto > JS” to “Both” which allows you to edit the JS side, and then refer to the crib sheet to see some common things that need to be manually translated to js

Thanks, @sawal, I tried to make the necessary changes to JS code. Now I encounter an error saying " * ReferenceError: $repetitionn is not defined" while I have defined it!
“repetitionn” is a function I’ve defined then used in the “nReps”. I’m just wondering what would be the problem with it, as it works well offline.
Can you please help me with this?

I think you need to define the function as a variable (see: Custom function not defined when called from a different routine). So your code would be repeitionn = function(input) {}