Multiple Text Columns from Excel

If this template helps then use it. If not then just delete and start from scratch.

OS (e.g. Win10): Windows 10
PsychoPy version (e.g. 1.84.x): 2020.2.10
Standard Standalone? (y/n) If not then what?: PsychoPy3-2020.10-win64
What are you trying to achieve?: I am trying to build an experiment that has 5 pairs of words that need to show up together and in a certain order. (See Image 1 below) .
So, 1) sky/temple 2) border/match, 3) magnificent/happy etc.

What did you try to make it work?:

First I created two text boxes that would select 1) $pract_word1 and the $pcolour1 , have a 100ms break, and then select the 2)$pract_word2 and the $pcolour2 (Image 2)

When clicking on the second text icon (Practice_2) and entering in $pract_word 2 in the text box, the word doesn’t italicize itself as it does for the first text icon and the text colors. When running the experiment, it crashes after a second or two and presents me with the error code below.

What specifically went wrong when you tried that?:

line 105, in text=pract_word2, NameError: name ‘pract_word2’ is not defined

Experiment ended.

So, my question is what do I need to change so that the builder will select both words at the same time and show them one after the other? (sky, then temple etc.)

Any answer would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance!

  1. Have you added columns to your Excel file since you last attached it to the loop?

  2. Please could you show screen shots of your two text components and your loop?

Adding to @wakecarter’s questions, I would also like to ask that

1: How are you calling the variables for the text components? Because usually in similar experiments of yours, we use loops to call the conditions, which automatically read the conditions in those excel files.

2: Are you setting the conditions to set every repeat?

  1. No I have not edited the Excel format since attaching it to the loop

  2. See below, unfortunately now both of the text boxes won’t pick up the $pract_word. Do you think there is a problem with the Excel file itself?

Practice 1)

Practice 2)

Additionally here is the loop. Since I am new I can only put two pictures in one post, apologies.



  1. I am not quite sure what you are asking, my apologies (very new to PsychoPy)

  2. The conditions are constant

You need to switch “constant “ to “each repeat “ to the right of the text fields

This worked brilliantly! Thank you so much!