How to randomize stimuli across rows using excel

In my excel sheet I have a column of words, a column of images, and a column of words.
In psychopy I have my loop set to randomize, and my loop looks like below:


In “Stimuli” I have a text function that shows column 1 words, and an image function that shows column 2 images.
In “R_F” I have column 3 words.

What’s happening is the words and images are showing up by row (so my word “yellow” is always being shown with a picture of a yellow banana, becuase they are in the same row in the excel sheet). I want psychopy to randomize these, so that “yellow” is being shown with a random image. Is this possible?

Hi, could you share your task so that I can take a closer look?

Thanks for the response!

My excel sheet looks like this:


The text function runs the words

And the image function shows the images

What I’m trying to do is have the text function and the images function run through the excel stimuli randomly. So for example, the text function normally might grab A2 (yellow) but it also will grab B2 image. And then it might gran A1, which then the image grabs B1. I want it to randomly gran them, so that the rows aren’t the same across. So if the text grabs A1, image might grab B3, not B1. Right now it seems like the rows in the excel sheet are connected, because the random function in the loop always chooses the same row (randomly) for each stimuli.

Do you only have four words and four images? And is it the case that once “yellow” for example has already been presented, you do not need to present it again?