Multiple Randomization

Hi, I am trying to build an experiment in the builder
I have 8 conditions, 12 repetitions in 2 Blocks

  1. choice of place, the tactile stimulus applied at 30 cm/s
  2. choice of place, stimulus at 3cm/s
  3. choice of colour, stim 30 cm/s
  4. choice of colour, stim 3 cm/s
  5. no-choice place, tactile stimulus applied at 30 cm/s
  6. no-choice place, stimulus at 3cm/s
  7. no-choice colour, stim 30 cm/s
  8. no-choice of colour, stim 3 cm/s

choice = participant chooses the colour on screen (red/green) or place (upper/lower arm)
no-choice = experimenter chooses the colour or the place.

At the beginning of each trial the researcher always receives through auditory cue the type of condition and then acts accordingly. (e.g.: pick colour 3, red (audio randomized selection cue) = no-choice colour, stim at 3 cm/s) condition)

NOw, I have managed to randomize the auditory conditions cue with the corresponding auditory cue of the speed of the stimulus.
However now I need also the colours: red & green, and places: upper & lower arm to be randomized and correctly synchronized with their conditions auditory cues.

In the choice conditions, the participant is presented with a screen either about the choice of colour or the choice of place and upon selection, the researcher should hear the response through audio so he can act on it.

What would be the best way to go about it. I have been using an excel sheet with the columns:
Conditions, Auditory speed of the stimuli, Auditory condition cue, Auditory cue colour, Colour, Auditory cue place & Place.

I get all confused with everything that has to be randomized yet be able to fall into the right place. As well as with the screen choice vs no screen.

Would anyone be able to tell me in what order do I need to start to randomize and how to capture it all on the flow in a builder?

I have attempted several combinations to tackle all this above, but now I am stuck and the builder flow is one big mess.

This is my first project in psychopy.

Thank you