Multiple images disappear with multiple clicks?

Hello. I am trying to display numerous images on a screen and have each image disappear after the image is clicked on. So if there are two images, they click on Image 1 and it disappears, then they click on Image 2, which then disappears and ends the routine since there are only 2 images being shown and both have been clicked.

The mouse component is either causing the routine to end at the first click OR clicks are doing nothing.
I am trying to see what order people click the images in. So they have to click all images before the routine will end.

I have tried a few things.

Method 1
Having one mouse component with a “Clickable stimuli” being a list I wrote in coder (Clickable = (R1, R2))

# # *Begin Routine*
# initializing variables 
Kill_R1 = 0
Kill_R2 = 0

# List of Clickable stimuli for mouse
Clickable = (R1, R2)

# # *Each Frame*
# Remove (kill) Images if pressed
if mouse_RB.isPressedIn(R1):
    Kill_R1 = 1
if mouse_RB.isPressedIn(R2):
    Kill_R2 = 1

# If R1 is clicked & R2 is clicked, all images have been clicked 
if Kill_R1 == 1 and Kill_R2 == 1:
    Kill_All == 1    

# if all images have been pressed, end routine
if Kill_All == 1:
    continueRoutine = False

With the mouse component’s duration is Kill_All == 1
The duration of the images are the corresponding Kill_R1 == 1, Kill_R2 == 1

Method 2
A mouse component for every image, where each clickable stimuli is just the corresponding Image

Any ideas on what I can do? This is my first time asking a question here, so I hope that was clear!

Method 1 looks pretty good.

You could set Kill_R1 = False in Begin Routine and then set it to True when clicked. Then the duration can simply be Kill_R1

Do the same for R2

I fixed it— it was something embarrassing! I was added a $ in the conditions met to end the duration for the images :see_no_evil:
So if anyone needs clickable stimuli the code I have works! Just make sure all the Builder components are set right