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Multiple experimental tasks into a single study

I am interested in running a study online, involving 5 different experimental tasks, using PsychoPy. I’ve already created each of these tasks and they are all working as expected. Is it possible to run a study involving several tasks created in PsychoPy? I was thinking of creating a PsychoPy file that would include all the tasks, but I would also like to counterbalance the order of the task and I can’t think of a way of doing this with the builder. When looking at some of the topics posted here I found that there are other people interested in doing this and that someone mentioned an ‘experiment runner’.

I think that being able to do this in a simple way would add a valuable functionality to PsychoPy, as it is very common for studies to include more than one task in their design.

No, although this has been discussed it hasn’t been implemented yet I’m afraid.