Multiple allowed responses with different number of iterations required

Apple OS Ventura 13.5.2:
PsychoPy version v2022.2.2:
**Standard Standalone? Y:
What are you trying to achieve?:

I am working on developing a paradigm where participants have to choose a response, ‘1’,‘2’, or ‘3’, when present with a stimuli to end the current trial and move on.

There will be three different groups/categories of stimuli which will be associated with key responses. I want to make it that each stimuli can be responded to with a single press of one key, for example stimuli A goes with response ‘1’, B - ‘2’, C - ‘3’. Though, I also want there to be an extra allowed response for each stimuli that takes multiple iterations of the same key to work. For example, ‘1’ may work with A, but also, ‘3’ works for A if pressed three times.

The longterm goal is to have these initial options evolve to at the final stage of the experiment, that initial single iteration for a response (‘1’ for A) will lose its efficacy and participants will have to begin using the other option (three iterations of ‘3’ for A).

I know how to use basic single responses and even allow for multiple options of keys to count as a correct option, but I am not sure where to start when having dynamic iterations included.