Creating an interface that runs, in parallel, on another monitor

We are trying to create a dual monitor setup, where an experimenter can re-run a routine and monitor which routine is currently running using a interface that is on an “experimenter” display, while the full-screen task is running on a “presentation” display.

Is there support for this kind of thing to run a dialog box or interface in parallel and send information to and from PsychoPy task that is currently running without fancy things like TCP/IP?

If you are running the experiment and the control system on two separate computers, I have no idea. If you’re just trying to run two separate windows on different monitors on the same computer, that’s doable. I have a little add-on called PyHab that’s used for infant looking-time studies and it works exactly this way: There is an experimenter interface on one screen, and the stimuli on the other screen. The main difference is that the key-presses are just coming from the experimenter, because all the participants (babies) are doing is watching the stimulus screen.

That said, as long as you have both windows set up to listen to inputs, you can treat it all as one set of inputs regardless of whether it’s the experimenter or the participant.

However, I would strongly recommend making it a window and not a dialog. On Windows especially there can be issues with window focus when using PsychoPy’s dialog system, but if you just make a second PsychoPy window controlled by the same code then it doesn’t matter which one is the focus, key inputs at least should work just fine. Mouse might be trickier.

That’s what I’m looking for as an example, thanks so much Jonathan!