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Multicoloured Text Stimuli

Hello everyone!

I am trying to create multicoloured text stimuli in PsychoPy and I’m wondering if anyone has any insights into how this might be done?


Can you define this more clearly?

Hi Michael,

What I meant by multicoloured was having a word presented, for example, “carelessly” and have it show up with “care” in green and “lessly” in red.

We managed to successfully present it this way by splitting the word up in the conditions file and treating them as separate words in PsychoPy. We then called each part of the word at the same time with specified coordinates and colours so that it appeared like one multicoloured word, though PsychoPy treats it like multiple words.


Yes, that’s pretty it at the moment. We will have other options in the future but for now a single text object in Builder has to be a single colour.